Our new Bird Sanctuary

Our new Bird Sanctuary

Since I was a little kid I used to dream about being one of those National Geographics explorers and adventurers which I loved reading about on these magazines. Hiding and camuflaging for hours to get that magnificent, never-seen before footage or unique and one of a kind photograph was my dream even though I was only 8 or 9 years old. Afterwards, the years of massive destruction of forests around the globe came; scenes of deforestation in the Amazon became familiar. Those experiences started to make me feel powerless by knowing I could do nothing about it. 

Up to this day,  I experience so much pain and sorrow to watch people hunting and killing wild animals just for fun and the destruction driven by human insatiable thirst for  money and power. Nevertheless, now I am blessed with my beautiful partner because thanks to our guests and visitors we were able to raise enough money to buy our first 1.5 hectares of land in Milpe Ecuador, a top notch birding spot in Ecuador. Half of it´s land area was deforested but as of today we have planted over 1000 native trees and soon it will become our new bird sanctuary.

I finally feel relieved to know I was capable to do something about what causes me pain. I know it is still very little -specially when we know that 98 % of the original Choco forest has been lost- but slowly there are people in Ecuador trying to make a difference. In Milpe around 120 hectares of forest have been recovered thanks to an amazing work done by Mindo Cloudforest Foundation , Jardín del Quinde, and ourselves of course, and we are already talking to some other land owners in the area into this. We are doing a coordinated effort in the Milpe area to reverse the damage caused to our enviroment. As a gifted photographer I have the opportunity to help promote and support these like-minded entrepreneurs and organizations THAT is a gift to me. We hope to be able to save more forest and wildlife in the near future.