Historical Haciendas


Can you imagine being able to follow the steps of the great scientist Alexander von Humboldt, one of the greatest civilizations of humankind, the Incas, and those of the Augustinian monks and relive 700 years of Ecuadorian history in 1 day? Well... it is possible and what better way to spend a day for those with little time in Quito.


  • Witness 700 years of history
  • The best inca remainings in the region
  • Relive the steps of Alexander von Humboldt while in this territory
  • See the remainings of an spanish Augustinian monastery
  • Feel the presence of important scientists visiting the area
  • Enjoy of the most beautiful snow-capped mountains in the world with llamas and other local animals
  • Enjoy 2 of the most beautiful, luxurious and historical places in all of Ecuador while tasting some of the finest cuisine you can get while visiting


This tour can be done as a 1 day tour and visit these 2 beautiful haciendas or extend it and visit the best cock of the rock lek in the country as well as the most beautiful waterfall







Itinerary: Historical Haciendas


Departure Quito: One and a quarter hours from Quito, stands the beautiful and little known colonial Hacienda of San Agustín de Callo. Built on the site of an Inca palace, one of the two most important archaeological Inca sites in Ecuador. It's a magical place where you can still today enjoy the inca walls, after the spanish conquest it became an Augustinian monastery, later in 1742 the French geodesic mission Whose scientific results helped to determine the true shape of the planet.

Other famous visitors include the brilliant German scientist Alexander von Humboldt and English mountain climber Edward Whymper, among other illustrious visitors

This special place is where we will enjoy a delicious breakfast made with home made products and organic produce farm at the very hacienda backyard, breakfast is English style, are varied and abundant with excellent cheeses, homemade products, cream, granola and butter, yogurth, breads, exotic juices, variety of eggs with bacon and sausages, marmalades, variety of fresh fruit and exotic fruit on the table.

After that we will have time to visit and enjoy this hidden gem right at the Cotopaxi National Park, on a clear day views of Cotopaxi Volcano are magnificent.

Only 20 minutes from San Agustín we will find Hacienda La Cienega, La Cienega is one of the oldest colonial haciendas in Ecuador, with more than 400 years of antiquity. Located near the slopes of the majestic Cotopaxi volcano and its National Park, this mansion has been the scene of important events in the country's scientific and social history. This country house was built in 1580 in a site that is unique in Ecuador and probably also in Latin America. It has been classified by the Central Bank of Ecuador as a historical monument. Baron Alexander Von Humboldt was a renowned guest at La Ciénega also when he carried out his study on the Cotopaxi in 1802. He was accompanied by Bonpland and Carlos Montufar.

This is the place where we will enjoy lunch and have time to enjoy this very special place. This tour offers beautiful opportunities to photograph Cotopaxi on clear days. 

This tour can be extended for 1 or 2 additional days to visit the best Cock-of-the-rock lek in the country where these birds can be seen the closest to make some amazing photos and a superb experience as we will visit also pristine waterfalls and rivers.*

​Arrival: We will be back in  Quito at around 18:30 pm.

Multiple Days

After visiting magnificent Hacienda San Agustin del callo we  will continue our way to Pailon del diablo waterfall where we will stay at a beautiful cabin only about  300 yards from the waterfall and 200 yards from the cock of the rock lek ,so after a short hilly walk we will enjoy their amazing mating behavior , around 8 am we will head to our breakfast spot and get ready for some more beautiful bird species, depending on the selected itinerary we will make our way back to Quito stoping along the way at historic hacienda la cienega