Hans Heinz

Words from the owner

Hey there! My name is Hans Heinz, nature lover, conservationist and photographer. Born in Mexico City and resident in Quito for 22 years and counting. I specialize in authentic, ethical and environmental responsible travel. So, let me share with you my way of thinking and what I wish to achieve through Birdingecu, with your help only!

My travelling days started at a very young age. Since then, my various trips  have taken me very far, and now, as an experienced traveler and disappointed by how massive tourism has become my only purpose is living purely authentic experiences, having the chance to interact closely with local people and having the unique opportunity to indulge my senses with (through) traditions, flavours, or even colours. This kind of experience, is exactly the type of adventures I want my guest to have and feel.

My motivation is the desire of starting off a whole new business concept in which my guests will get involved with small local projects, not with the sole purpose of making a man richer, instead, for looking how to benefit these small communities that make a really big effort. This way, we can all assure locals will not be tempted or obliged to cut down the rainforest or illegally sell animals for money.

By doing so, I will help my guests become witnesses of the amount of effort, money and love, these remarkable people put into their small but significant projects. The point of it all, is once and for all, becoming conscious of the story behind all of it.

The fact that other people in different communities, even family members of these special entrepreneurs, call them crazy by starting these types of projects, pushes me to show them wrong! The answer is not having to deforest the rainforest or poaching, we have to look for another alternative, because there exists one!